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What Is the Secret to Successful Game Level Design?

Level design in video games is a difficult stage of game development that significantly impacts a game’s future success. It’s crucial to perfect because the appropriate level design strategy can make your game stand out, increasing popularity and profit.

The gaming business is expected to rise to $268.8 billion by 2025, from $178 billion in 2021. In-game purchases have also become a substantial source of revenue for game owners, with average earnings anticipated to reach $74 million by 2025.

Of course, to reap these rewards, you must first create a fantastic product that will attract and retain as many clients as possible. In this post, you’ll learn about the various forms of video game level design and some development suggestions, and who may assist you.

What is the Most Efficient Process for Level Design?

There are also some 2.5D video games available, such as Don’t Mess with Texas. It occurs when the graphics of a 2D match resemble those of a 3D environment. This game was created by industry best practices. Characters, for example, are built as sprites and can only move in four directions, along two axes. This format provides realism to graphics, but the characters’ options are limited to a two-dimensional setting.

Five helpful hints for level design in video games

As you begin to consider the specifics of your levels, it will be beneficial to be aware of some unique aspects that will elevate your project to the next level. We’re excited to give five helpful hints on improving the design of any video game level.

1. When introducing new mechanics and adversaries, include descriptions and hints. No one will spend time figuring out how to play a game if it is difficult for them to grasp. As a result, creating a user-friendly and intuitive level design is preferable.

2. Include visual cues that direct the player to the end of the level. Any game developer’s goal is to take users on an incredible adventure. On the other hand, users will find it far more entertaining to see a clear path to mission fulfillment.

3. Use music and sounds to set the tone. According to psychological studies, a sound environment enhances the impression of the presence or even immersion in the game.

4. Intersperse tale elements/animation between levels to provide a respite for the player. Short animation scenes and the next-level loading screen allow users to mentally prepare for the next quest while taking a break from the previous search.

5. Carry out a lot of testing. Users will not accept bugs interfering with a game and will go to anything else. Thus the process must be faultless. Please note: When the basic information about the levels is contained in a GDD, it will be easier to control the project’s quality and development (game design document).

Game level design is a difficult task essential for reaching high levels of user engagement. The more carefully each level design stage is considered, the more likely the game will become popular.

Designing Levels for a Variety of Game Types

The process of creating levels for various game kinds might be fairly varied. Going into the process with a plan that incorporates the genre specificity of a video game will be more trustworthy.

What Role Do Game Engines Play in Game Design?

Game engines are specialized platforms that make game production faster and easier. Let’s look at the benefits of Unity and Unreal Engine, two important game engines that we’ve highlighted.

Aspects of Level Design in Mobile Games

The primary goal of mobile games is to allow players to unwind and pass the time. As a result, most mobile games include rapid level progression, and levels should not contain difficult-to-complete missions.

The use of obvious cues is not always used in tutorials. With the help of visual components, level design can sometimes guide players through tutorials. The game’s difficulty does not change frequently.

In a mobile-level design, free play and additional modes are prevalent. A player frequently receives a large number of collectible awards during the game. Additionally, the player has the option of purchasing other equipment or opportunities.

How to Hire Level Designers for Video Games

It can be intimidating to create levels and other game aspects for the first time. Recruiting and training a new in-house team can take months longer than anticipated. Ordering design services from a different company, on the other hand, gives you immediate access to highly skilled professionals.

Gaming-Ace is a game studio with a large staff of specialists, all of them have extensive design expertise and are well-known among satisfied clients worldwide. Hundreds of game projects have been successfully built and published, and we are always looking for new challenges.

We can make the level design process (and others) pleasant and efficient for you, giving your project a significant boost. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and begin putting your ideas into action.

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