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The technology has advanced in such an incredible way that video games have benefited from this since new games have come out, multiplatform for its creation and different tools to simplify everything.

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The world is increasingly full of great inventions of all kinds. Video games are one of the most benefited with these creations, since each time you can create different platforms for the development of different types of games, whether for mobile phones, computers and much more.

And every day is an area that’s gaining more recognition for the diversity of things that can be done on the Internet. Even with the creation of different games that are played in real life, now you can also create it for computers and make money with it.

It means you can take a great advantage of some of them, so they’re also very beneficial for our pockets, such as the creation of virtual casinos and many more.

Video games were created many years ago, but since this century is that have become a good way to invest since the commercialization that’s being seen is incredible and you can make a good profit out of it. But all that takes a lot of work.

The creation of multi-platforms for the development of any video game really isn’t very easy, as it requires experts in the area of computer science and computing, in addition to having extensive knowledge in the creation of any of them.

Besides sharing to you different informative articles or news with everything that has to do with the games, so that you can get more familiar with this whole world, that’s why in Sprite Builder you can find all of this and more.

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4 Facts about Crystal You Might Haven’t Heard

women - 4 Facts about Crystal You Might Haven't Heard

Since many years ago some developers are working on a new programming language that is going further than any other already made. Faster and easier, ‘Crystal’ is the most expected programming language of this year. In this website, you will have all the updated information you may haven’t heard about it.

Programming Language Is Crucial

First of all, why changing our programming languages being so efficient rather than Ruby, Elixir, Rust, JavaScript, Python, or even Go?

working code - 4 Facts about Crystal You Might Haven't Heard

Different from those, Crystal is a compiled language program centered on using the respected LLVM framework and would play against each other with Rust and C/C++ any time they want. Crystal is faster because it doesn’t have semicolons, a great advantage if it is compared with the rest.

Lots Of Features

Moreover, none of those already mentioned programming languages have put these features together: static typing, compile-time macros, Ruby-like syntax, C-like speed, native binary compilation, gem-like package ecosystem, cross-platform support, and fibers.

Crystal Vs Rust

Under this perception, Crystal deserves the same attention as Rust, whose popularity has lately increased and is the closest language to Crystal; In terms of the role, it is meant to fill as a fast ‘C++’ due to its high-level language features and syntax.

It is also important to highlight that Crystal could replace Rust, which isn’t the point of this whole article, and all of these languages programs have earned their places.  I do think that Crystal could be the next Rust in terms of popularity, and I think it deserves the attention.

Another characteristic of this promising programming language is the ‘Static Typing’. Meaning that in Crystal PL every variable has one or more potential types, which needs to be reckoned at light speed and accounted for.

coding laptop - 4 Facts about Crystal You Might Haven't Heard

The Program Is A Little Ambiguous

Its compiler is so simple on working that only requires you to be very specific and detailed when it is maybe somewhat ambiguous what it might be, which means that often you won’t have anything to do with types, and you can go ahead like if everything were part of Ruby or Python.

Since its innovating simplicity, it’s expected that the few limitations be very soon eliminated. One of them is that Windows support is not yet completed. Anyway, Crystal now is making its own path in the industry.

SpriteBuilder – Do You Remember this Suite?

laptop open - SpriteBuilder - Do You Remember this Suite?

SpriteBuilder 1.0 was the first game development suite, which worked as a multiplatform to create games for Android and iPhone. It was one of the best that existed, apart from an innovative creation for 2013, that’s why here we remind you of some of the coolest things of what was one of the most anticipated programming suites of the year 2013:

What’s SpriteBuilder?

It’s a type of open source software where you can create games for Objective-C mobile devices, and it was the most popular development suite of all existing since its inception.

creator - SpriteBuilder - Do You Remember this Suite?

The Creators

Apportable was where SpriteBuilder was born when different developers of game tools came together to create it. We talked about Cocos2d, Cocos3d, CocosBuilder and Chipmunk, the real geniuses that really created something big.

Great Quality of Games

The quality of games that could be created really was very good, although it was so fast it could take you to design and develop any type of game compared to other multiplatform games.

Good Advantage

One of its advantages is that being an open code and Objective-C, it avoided any type of loads in the tools that the platform had. It means any game that was developed in SpriteBuilder was going to be faster and less annoying than creating it by Java for example.

Amazing Visual Editor

Through the visual editor of this multiplatform, different video game projects were created in a fast way, at an incredible time, without any type of inconveniences and with different tools.

Cool Design

The design really was one of the best things, because, in addition to being very easy to manage, I also had a variety of editor to create different animations, whether in scenography, characters or anything else. Also, have various applicable tools that would be of great help.

Better Features

Between the best features that could define this type of software, without doubt, the first was the great design that it had and could be used when developing any game. The platform was also very broad, and it had a user interface designer.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best applicable tools for the creation of any game project that you had of open code.

4 Tips on Getting Started for Game Design and Development

develop - 4 Tips on Getting Started for Game Design and Development

The idea of building a video game may sound like a complicated thing to do, and it certainly can be if you don’t know exactly where and how to start. Game design and development has its techniques and its tricks to make it a little bit easier than what it normally is. We bring you 4 tips for game design and development:

Differences in Game Development

laptop gray - 4 Tips on Getting Started for Game Design and Development

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to game development and app development, but between those two there are many differences, such as, the different environment that these two have. The app development is more of a specialized.


Let’s say that you had a great idea, so it must be written down. But how do you do that? You can opt for many different strategies, you can either write it down in a paper or your phone. You can write it in a document, all-put-together or you can write it your own way, that probably only you can understand.

code laptop - 4 Tips on Getting Started for Game Design and Development


The writing part is absolutely up to you, but there are some things that you should consider, as a hook, you probably think that your idea is a great, outstanding, original idea, but, why do you think that? What really makes your idea stand out from the others? Is it really an original idea?


Another thing that you should take under consideration is the mechanics of your game. What is the purpose of the game? What is the player’s goal and how does he achieves it? The gameplay is very important.


The story is just as important as the entire thing mentioned above. The game should be able to narrate a good story from beginning to end. What is the story that you want the players to remember? You create the story of the game, and if the story is not already obvious then, it should be left to the interpretation of the player

With all of these tips, you should be able to be a part of the game development world, in a more easy way than before. Take these tips under consideration and start your game!