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For the development of a video game, really isn’t as easy as many imagine. It has several stages that must be respected and know how to handle the correct software so that the platform doesn’t eat us, but we know how to manage it and create our project.

Conception Phase

The first phase where you will pose the idea of the game you want to develop, determining things like genres, the process of the game, if it has a script, characters, set design, music and much more.

Design Phase

In this phase they begin to develop the designs of what is wanted for the game, which is, designing the sketches that will lead to virtual life and in addition to the effects of sound, voices and much more.

Planning Phase

Here you will be in charge of identifying all the things that will be in the video game and assigning it to each person of the working group for the development of everything, from where they will start assigning days of meetings to go discussing all the details.

Production Phase

It begins to develop all the production of the game to be built; It means everything that has to do with animation, illustration, programming and much more. All this will be done through the software that we have and we also sell.

Test Phase

This phase is very important because everything will be tested to corroborate if there is an error and correct it.

Distribution Phase

The final stage is marketing, to start distributing the game already finished and ready to play. We also take care of bringing this area with a group of marketing specialists.